Calling all horses and riders!

  1. Date/ Time: The competition will take place on Sunday, July 14 at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds. Registration will take place from 7:30am-8:30am. Competition will begin at 8:00am, beginning with leadline and followed by all other events and divisions.
  2. Equipment: Participants must use proper western equipment and must wear long pants and riding boots.
  3. Prizes: 1st through 3rd place will receive ribbons. High Point prizes will be awarded based on the combined times of all designated events. Riders must compete in all designated events to qualify.
  4. Divisions
    1. Leadline- see “Leadline” section below.
    2. Ages 8-11
    3. Ages 12-14
    4. Ages 15-18
    5. Adult (ages 19 and up)
  5. Events: All or some of the events listed below may be run and/or counted for prizes.
    1. Barrel Race
    2. Pole Bending
    3. Flag Race
    4. Key Hole
    5. Fun event– does not count towards High Point awards.
  1. Liability: All participants are required to sign a liability waver on the day of the competition. Once the liability waver has been signed, participants will receive a wristband. Participants must have a wristband to enter the practice or competition.
  2. Restrictions: Contestants must not be under the influence of alcohol before or during the competition. Contestants in violation of this policy will be immediately disqualified from the competition and will not be allowed to compete.

Competition Rules

  1. Sign-up: All persons who wish to compete must register and must meet the above criteria.
  2. Superintendents: A panel of superintendents will review all scenarios not covered by the listed rules. All decisions made by the Superintendents are final.
  3. Leadline- contestants between the ages of 8-11 may be led through the pattern by another individual. Leadline will only compete in barrel racing and pole bending and is not eligible for High Point awards.
  4. Anyone competing must use proper western equipment and must wear long pants and riding boots.
  5. Horses’s may be used by more than 1 competitor.
  6. The number of participants per class may be limited by the Superintendents.
  7. The Gilpin County Fair reserves the right to combine divisions or classes that, in its judgement, the entries are insufficient to secure adequate competition.
  8. Operators must stay on their horse during the run; dismounting from the horse disqualifies the run, unless otherwise instructed in the event description.
  9. When outside of the Arena, horses must remain in the trailer parking lot and must go no faster than a walk.
  10. We reserve the right to rework the course at any time.
  11. The Gilpin County Fair Coordinators, Superintendents, Committee and its representatives are not responsible for accidents, injury or theft to horses or property.
  12. Noncompliance with the rules of this event may result in disqualification, expulsion and forfeiture of all prizes.
  13. Gilpin County Fair management does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, or other non-merit aspects.