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2020 Gilpin County Fair Booth Information and Application

The 28th annual Gilpin County Fair will be kickoff the evening of Friday, July 10th and finish Sunday, July 12th, 2020, located at the Gilpin County Fairgrounds, 250 Norton Drive, 7 miles north of Black Hawk. Come watch the arena shows including a rodeo event on Saturday, and enjoy free rides, booths and contests. Other exciting events will include Gilpin Gourmet Contest, ATV Rodeo, live entertainment, and Saturday night karaoke. Come join us this summer and be a part of the 2020 Gilpin County Fair!

Booth Space Available for:
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Exhibition of products
  • Games
  • Information/Education
  • Food Sales (Must be accompanied by Food Booth Application)
Indoor or Outdoor SpaceFees Cover Both Days of the Fair
Regular Booth$50/space
Food Booth$100/space
Non-Profit Info Only BoothFREE
Late Fee$25 if received after 6/29/20
Electricity$15 per 110v outlet
$50 per 250v 3prong outlet

New This Year

To meet the county’s goal of being a more sustainable community, the fair will be Styrofoam free in 2021. For the 2020 GCF, food vendors who choose to not utilize any Styrofoam products will receive a 10 percent refund of their booth registration fee. Thank you for helping Gilpin County move forward with its sustainability initiative.

Booth Rules and Regulations

  1. Regular Booths: Booth spaces may be juried by the Fair Coordinator and/or Fair Committee. Most booths will be located outside. The Barn has a dirt floor and other activities will occur in the Barn. Booth size: 10’x10’. If more space is needed, an additional fee may be required.
  2. Food Booths: For booths selling prepared, ready to consume foods and/or drinks. (Booths selling only packaged foods such as soup mixes are considered a Regular Booth.) If you intend to prepare and sell food and/or beverages, please make sure the Food Booth Application is submitted together with your Booth Application. Booths will be given at the discretion of the Fair Coordinator who will jury and limit the number of food booths. All food booths will be located outside. Applications are due June 12.
  3. Non-Profit Information Booths: Non-profit organizations must submit proof of their non-profit status and can only distribute information; no products may be sold. If a non-profit organization wishes to sell products, they must apply and be accepted for a Regular or Food Booth.
  4. Political Booths: Booths representing a political party (and not selling food items) will be considered a Regular Booth in a designated location. Political booth applicants must also sign the Gilpin County Fair Code of Conduct for Political Booths.
  5. Vendor Hours: All vendors are required to check-in upon arrival. The Fair will be open to the public between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00p.m. on Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Vendors must be open during these hours. The Fair is rain, shine or wind and vendors are expected to operate in all weather.
  6. Gilpin County requires that all exhibitors who are selling something in the State of Colorado have a SPECIAL EVENTS SALES TAX LICENSE and collect sales tax (2.9%). To apply for this license, please contact the COLORADO DEPT. OF REVENUE, 1375 SHERMAN ST., DENVER, CO 80261 or visit the website at . Are you a 501C3 organization?Simply submit the required documentation with your application.
  7. All Booths: All booth personnel MUST remain in their designated booth space while selling, campaigning, or otherwise representing their booth/organization.
  8. Keep Clean: All vendors must bring trash bags and CLEAN UP their areas before leaving each night. Any vendor found putting their booth trash in the public trash cans, or not cleaning their booth area, may be fined up to $25 or denied space in the following year’s fair; please take your trash to the dumpster.
  9. Wireless Internet: Free wireless internet is available in the Exhibit Barn; however, there is no guarantee on internet speeds.
  10. Confirmation: When an application is accepted and booth space will be given, the vendor will be given notice with a Confirmation Packet via email.
  11. Any issues or problems a renter encounters with their booth space, the public, or others should be immediately reported to the Fair Coordinator. The Coordinator will make every effort to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both the renter and the Fair.
  12. Failure to comply with any of the above stated rules may result in not being allowed to setup and run your booth and/or not being allowed to return in following years.
  13. NOTE: All equipment and other items are the responsibility of the vendor. Although the Coordinator will make every effort to place in the location you as requested, no guarantee is implied or given that the location will be available. Some of the indoor spots along the wall and all of the outdoor spots have electricity available for a small fee.


Important Note: If you are interested in being a Food Vendor, you must complete both applications.

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